Choosing Hand Dryers for Restaurant Bathrooms

The search for commercial hand dryers for restaurant bathrooms can quickly get confusing. Which size, speed, profile and finish should you be choosing from the endless options available? When you are searching for restroom hand dryers for restaurants of any size or type, look through our guide to choosing the features that suit your business.

For washrooms of small restaurants

If you are looking for cost effective commercial hand dryers for bathrooms in your small family restaurant, you will likely be looking for something small, compact and offering low operating costs. The Mediclinics Speedflow is a high speed hand dryer model that is designed to cope with high traffic, yet has a reasonable initial cost and very low operating costs. The white or stainless steel options are low in profile and meet ADA requirements for disabled access. What’s also appealing is that Mediclinics products are quality built in Europe and each come with some of the best warranties available on the market, giving you peace of mind that your dryer will stand the test of time.

Commercial bathroom sink and paper towel dispenser in restaurant

For medium to high traffic restaurant washrooms

If you are searching for a hand dryer model for a food court or a reasonably sized restaurant with high traffic, you will be looking for efficiency, speed and reliability. The Mediclinics Machflow series cuts both normal drying time and energy use by up to five times making it a very green option, and ideal if you are taking effort to choose sustainable options within your restaurant environment. Hands are dried in 8 to 10 seconds so guests can get back to enjoying their dinner, and the hand dryer’s quiet operation means about half the noise as from other leading high speed dryers. A resilient exterior in white, stainless steel or satin steel casing with vandal-proofing results in a robust and slick-looking hand dryer.

For high-end restaurant bathrooms

For a high-end feeling, move straight to the stainless steel range of accessories including sleek toilet roll dispensers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispenser. The Mediclinics Dual Flow Plus models sit at the top of the range and these highly efficient dryers feature modern aesthetics that suit any type of interior styling. Their anti-bacterial surfaces and the option of odour control tablets facilitate a consistently fresh and tidy washroom. Give your guests the premium washroom experience and simple hand hygiene.

For assistance in selecting the right restroom hand dryers for your restaurant, begin with our guide to choosing a hand dryer and contact the team at Davidson Washroom.