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Commercial hair dryer

What to Look for When Selecting a Hair Dryer for Your Commercial Bathroom

A wall mounted hand dryer can be greatly appreciated when someone has wet hair or an accidental spill on their clothes – so how do…

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Best Practices for Choosing & Installing A Horizontal Baby Change Table

If you’ve ever been shopping or travelling with young children, you’ll know how invaluable a baby changing table in commercial restrooms can be. These change…

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Speedflow hand dryer

Dualflow, Machflow, Mediflow, Smartflow & Speedflow. What’s the Difference?

Who knew finding the right commercial hand dryer could be so tricky? Even when you’ve selected a reputable, quality-made brand such as Mediclinics, choosing a…

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Choosing the Right Toilet Paper Dispenser for Your Washroom

It may seem inconsequential at first glance, but choosing the right toilet paper dispenser will ensure your commercial washroom stays well equipped, safe and hygienic…

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3 Easy Ways Your Commercial Washroom Can Increase Visitor & Customer Satisfaction

It’s a fact that a sparkling, modern washroom makes for happier customers, and the opposite will turn consumers away. A 2011 survey by Harris Interactive…

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Dualflow hand dryer

Black Is Back! 4 Black Washroom Products You Need

If you’re managing bathroom facilities in a quality hotel, health spa, restaurant or other high-end environment, you’ll want these bathrooms to have a touch of…

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How to Clean & Maintain Your Washroom’s Nappy Bin

Nappy and sanitary bins are a must when it comes to providing quality washroom facilities, but what do you do when it comes to emptying,…

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Hand Soap Dispenser for Your Commercial Washroom

As you plan appliances and accessories for your commercial washrooms, soap dispensers might be the last thing you deliberate over. It’s a simple decision, right?…

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8 Washroom Accessories Your Commercial Washroom Needs

There are a number of bathroom accessories that you should be providing in your commercial washrooms, whether through compliance with regulations or to simply ensure…

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The History and Future of Hand Dryers

While the hand dryers we use every day may not seem like revolutionary pieces of technology, they actually represent an extraordinary evolution in hand sanitisation….

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